Cydney Barker

Cyndey Barker - Division 7 BEC

Cydney is the office manager for Division 7 BEC.  Married to Dan Barker, she has learned a great deal about the construction industry and has been by his side through his journey from roofer to sales.  Cydney has been a secretary, an office manager, a bank teller, a pharmacy technician, and a piano and vocal teacher. She has been trained in accounting and legal matters.  Cydney is a problem solver and if she doesn’t know the answer, she will help figure it out.

In college she majored in Sociology with a minor in Criminal Justice, which she found fascinating.  Though she hasn’t pursued those fields, she loves to watch or read a good mystery and figure out who did it.

When not at work, Cydney loves to spend time with her husband and their 3 kids. She enjoys traveling to beautiful places, watching action movies (no chick flicks please),  playing the piano, Jazzercise, singing in her chorus group, playing games with family and going anywhere with Dan.  You can find her in the yard with Dan or canning what he has grown in the garden. She loves wildlife – especially bears and moose.  She is a huge fan of Mickey Mouse and her one and only bucket item is to learn how to surf, preferably by Chris Hemsworth in Australia.

Most people call her Cyd, so as to not be called “Cindy” but she actually likes being called Cydney or Cyd.