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About Division 7 BEC

Our focus is on your success and developing lasting partnerships.

Division 7 BEC, Building Envelope Consultants, is the most trusted source for building envelope solutions in the Wasatch Front, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, and Wyoming. With over 30 years serving the architectural, building owner, property management, and general contracting communities, Division 7 BEC will use our collective skills and knowledge to help design and plan sustainable, affordable and reliable solutions to your building needs. We will work with you through the design, bidding, and building phases. As a result, our recommendations will be custom-tailored to the unique needs of your project. You will have confidence that you are receiving unbiased information and competitive bids on building solutions that exceed your expectations. As a relationship-oriented team, building long-term relationships with our customers is crucial for us.

Our Mission Statement

To ensure proper air and moisture movement in every building we design, providing a comfortable, energy-efficient, and healthy workplace for all.

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